White Kraft Paper Bags

We offer White Kraft bags made from white bleached Kraft paper. We can make from a flat bag through to gusseted bags with various styles of handles. We can provide a twisted paper handle, flat tape paper handle or even a rope handle. A White Kraft paper bag can offer a economic solution to your packaging needs. They are a great way of making your packaging sustainable.

Use these white twisted handle shopping bags to carry and hold your items securely. These bags are made of paper and feature a white interior and exterior with a flat, matte finish. Ideal for retail product storage, gift giving, and crafts.

Plain White Shopping Bags have a base weight of 60-66 lbs. depending on size.

We offer our valuable customers an eco-friendly way to carry products with our White Kraft Paper Bags that are made from high-quality materials that hold the weight extremely well. Everything we provide from our bag materials is chosen for its good quality and longevity. Natural white Kraft paper is known for its strength and durability.